Workshops, Community & Media

Employment Webinar - Kim Davis

Mental Health Webinar - Peggy Williams

Housing Webinar - Kim Davis

Legal Webinar - John Wyvill

NET Program "The Unheard Journey of Deaf Nebraskans"

Text-to-911 at Lincoln 911 Center - City of Lincoln Public Safety Director, Tom Casady



Inclusive Communities Presents: Lozier Omaha Table Talk 2017-2018- Omaha Table Talk is one of the first local human-relations programs to provide facilitated and informally structured gatherings for people of different ethnicities and cultures throughout our community, to engage in conversations about diversity and inclusion over dinner. Omaha Table Talk has been offered in our community for over 10 years and is the result of decades-long efforts by engaged community members to have real, open dialogues about how various forms of identity impact our community and interactions with each other. Schedule of Events