Grievance Procedures

The following should be used when filing a grievance regarding any unethical actions occurring during an interpreting assignment relating to the Interpreter Referral Program. 


  1. Who may file a grievance?
    1. Any deaf or hard of hearing consumer of interpreting services;
    2. Any hearing consumer of interpreting services;
    3. Any interpreter who received an interpreter referral through the Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (NCDHH);
    4. Any person having direct interest in the occurrence specified in a grievance.
  2. The person filing the grievance should contact the NCDHH Sign Language Interpreter Referral Services Coordinator -in person, by phone or by letter - and present their grievance IN WRITING. The grievance should specify the alleged offense (what occurred) and include the time, place, the person(s) involved and the names of any potential witnesses.  The coordinator will collect all of the information needed and an attempt will be made to resolve the problem. If you wish to submit a grievance electronically, you can do so here
  3. If the coordinator is unable to resolve the problem, they will present the grievance and all of the accompanying information to the NCDHH Full Commission Board for their review and possible assignment to the Interpreter Review Board. 
  4. Any person filing a grievance should be made aware of his or her right to register their grievance with the local or state interpreter organization or the National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) here

Any individual desiring to file a licensure complaint needs to contact Interpreter Program Coordinator, Sharon Sinkler, at or Voice 402-471-3065 or Video Phone 402-817-7421. More information about this process can be found on our Licensing Page.