Full Commission Board Members

All written requests and correspondences directed toward board members may be addressed to and sent to the NCDHH Office by mail or phone/video phone at:
4600 Valley Road
Suite 420
Lincoln, NE 68510

Voice: 402-471-3593
Video Phone: 402-506-7956

Name Represents  Location Title Term Ends Contact
Mr. Jeremy Fitzpatrick Hard of Hearing Omaha, NE Chairperson 01/31/2021 jeremy_thomas_fitzpatrick@yahoo.com
Ms. Candice Arteaga Deaf Greenwood, NE Vice-Chairperson 01/31/2020
Ms. Frances Beaurivage Professional Lincoln, NE   01/31/2022 francesbeaurivage@gmail.com
Jonathan Scherling Deaf Omaha, NE   01/31/2023
Robert Feit Hard of Hearing  Lincoln, NE   01/31/2023


Ms. Sandra Shaw Professional Seward, NE   01/31/2022 sandy_shaw66@hotmail.com
Dr. Stacie Ray Professional Lincoln, NE   01/31/2021
Mr. Norman Weverka Deaf Omaha, NE   01/31/2021
Ms. Diane Schutt Hard of Hearing Fairbury, NE   01/31/2021 diane_schutt@yahoo.com

Board Member Committees