Nebraska Sign Language Interpreter Review Board Members

Name Location Title Domain Represented Appointed Term Ends
Ms. Meghann Cassidy Omaha, NE   Interpreter  7/21 6/24
Ms. Margie Propp Lincoln, NE   Interpreter 7/21 6/24
Ms. Vonda Apking Omaha, NE   Health and Human Services N/A N/A
Mrs. Tami Richardson-Nelson Omaha, NE   Deaf 03/23 03/26
Ms. Briana Stradinger Omaha, NE   Local Government 03/23 03/26
Ms. Vicki Steinhaur-Campbell Lincoln, NE   Local Government 06/23 06/26
NCDHH Executive Director Lincoln, NE   Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing N/A N/A