Mission Statement

We advocate to create opportunities by raising awareness through collaboration. 


Vision Statement

Access for all



1: Empower through training and provide services to create awareness.
  • Educate consumers on their legal rights under federal and state laws.
  • Update consumers on available technology, equipment and telecommunication access options and services.
  • Educate consumers on self-empowerment and self-advocacy.
  • Advocate to assure equal access to quality education for Deaf, Deaf-Blind, and/or Hard of Hearing students.
2: Collaborate with stakeholders to implement and maintain programs.
  • Provide access to quality, effective and accessible communication accommodations.
  • Identify and resolve gaps in services.  Promote awareness through the collection and distribution of information.
3: Promote awareness through the collection and distribution of information.
  • Inform communities about programs and services operated by NCDHH.
  • Enhance the website to better provide information through emerging technology.
  • Research, gather and expand the dissemination of information through visual technology.
  • Promote partnerships with other agencies to encourage website visits.
4: Ensure access to health care.
  • Promote and/or provide healthcare/behavioral health care training to certified or licensed sign language interpreters in Nebraska.
  • Educate staff of health care facilities to ensure communication access for all.
  • Establish local support systems with mental health providers, domestic violence programs, and regional programs.
5: Ensure access to effective and quality interpreting.
  • Oversee and enforce the licensing of deaf and sign language interpreters.
  • Review alleged violations of rules and regulations governing sign language interpreters.
  • Promote and/or provide interpreter training.
6: Educate and promote awareness of deaf culture.
  • Enhance and develop events about Deaf culture. 
  • Collaborate with Deaf organizations to promote awareness of Deaf culture and history.